The gamers professional
career begins here.
The Blockchain platform
for the Gamers.
Wager Games
Wager Games White Paper
Wager Games White Paper
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Our Vision
4. Experience
5. Online gaming industry
6. Cryptocurrency Marketcap and future trend.
7. Decentralising Gaming Industry
8. Challenges and WG actions.
9. Our Platform.
10. WagerGames Studio
10.1 Developers
10.2 Advertisers & Sponsors for WG owned gaming apps.
10.3 Operators
11. Traditional esports teams & owners
11.1 Funding and financial supporting
11.2 Management team.
11.3 Player Contracts
11.4 Public Relations
12. Traditional esports Teams & Players
13. Virtual Teams & players.
14. Franchising & Selling Team
15. WagerGames Players/Teams valuation
16. Our game plan.
16.1 Sponsors
16.2 Advertisers
16.3 Branding Partners
16.4 Managers
16.5 Token holders
16.6 Viewers and Streamers
17. Overview
18. Technical information
19. Our revenue model (Gamers,Operators,Advertisers,Sponsors)
20. Long term vision
21. Other token sales in the gaming & esports industry.
22. WagerGames token usage/utility
23. Coin distribution
24 .Fund Allocation
25. Token sale information
26. Road map
27. Team
28. Advisors
30. Disclaimer
1. Abstract
The online gaming industry is growing rapidly every year. But there are only limited
countries, players, games, viewers, sponsors and advertisers involved with gaming
events. The current online MMO gaming systems have trust, fair, quality and security
issues to deal with as well as real money transactions. The skilled online gamers
give up their dreams with the free version of the games without even trying the real
money versions. The players don’t have the long-term career hope in the gaming
We are implementing the Blockchain WagerGames (WG) platform to the gamers and
creating the opportunity to the individual sponsors to hire the skilled gamers, based
on their skill levels. No restrictions anymore for gamers and games. We are going to
create rewards and achievement-based categories for the gamers to have fair-play
matching system. We want to give the fair-play environment for all the skillful gamers
to feel safe and secure on our platform. In addition, we have brought other real time
solutions for the gamers to support from our WG community.
Revolution of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is enabling us to
bring up the solution for the gamers/game enthusiasts/viewers /game strategist/
game developers. With the support of the blockchain technology, we are capable of
handling the largest amount of transactions, gaming events and players in the secure
environment. Unlike other eSports gaming events, we are going to diversify the prize
pools to most of the game participants to get benefits.
2. Introduction
Innovation is scary. But this doesn’t change the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to
stay and change the world. This change is already happening.
We see an increasing number of companies across a variety of industries making the first
tentative steps in Blockchain adoption. They are realising that there is a pressing need to
get ahead of the curve and beat the competition. Primary interest in the sector is coming
from tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and major Wall Street banks JP Morgan,
Citigroup. Companies such as Infosys, TCS and HCL are working on Blockchain-based
products to support the financial industry. R3 was the first Blockchain company in the
financial sector; founded in 2014 it now leads a consortium of more than 70 of the world’s
biggest financial institutions and working on a variety of patented projects
At the moment, there are not many services for building a pure and native peer-to-peer
Internet using this technology. Meanwhile, the demand for Blockchain technology in
finance and financial services is growing on a worldwide scale, primarily in the developing
world. A multitude of economies within Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa have
strict currency control laws and are seeing consumers flock towards alternatives versus
mainstream financial institutions. People who have no bank account; are activating over 1
million smartphones a month simply to use alternative financial services.
In terms of entrepreneurial ventures, we have also seen a clear trend in the last few years.
Broadly speaking, 2015 was the year when financial institutions and FinTech start-ups
discovered Blockchain technology. 2016 was then the year of pilots and first deployments.
Following this trend, we project that 2017 will be the year when Blockchain enterprise
solutions leave the pilot phase and proceed to commercialization and wide-scale
We can observe that the large majority of Blockchain initiatives are developed within
the same economic mind frame of profit maximisation. We believe that the intrinsic
characteristics and innovations of cryptocurrencies can be leveraged in order to have
a positive social impact and economic benefit. This is at the centre of the WG as the
Future of the Internet where WG is the cryptocurrency to interact and fuel WagerGames
Cryptocurrencies are changing the world. You can either stand beside
and observe – or you can become part of history in the making.
3. Our Vision
Our vision is to create the opportunity for the gamers to have a long-term career.
Connect all the eSports and skilled games industry in our platform. Our long-term
plan is to integrate the MMO, MOBA, MMOFPS, MMORTS and MMORPG games
into our platforms. We would like to connect the players to form teams and find
sponsors, managers, coaches and advertisers in one place without any hassle. We
want the advertisers and sponsors to achieve their goal as well by targeting specific
locals, regions and countries, get maximum benefits and allow our brand partners to
have direct contact with our players via smartcontract agreements and brand their
products or services. In addition, we want to give the chance to skilled players who
don’t have the financial support to participate in the competitions or tournaments.
We allow our token holders to hire the players and share the profit. We want to allow
the highly skilled/High demanding players/teams to create the auction market to hire
for the special competitions and tournaments (like EPL players auctions).
We would like to unlock the esports related careers, such as: personal trainers,
coaches, mentors, psychologists, event coordinators, shoutcasters, streamers, and
esports entrepreneurs, etc. We believe that, in the future, there will be newer esports
games will hitting the market, and more players and sponsors wanted, to be involved
in the industry. By that time, we would like to have a solid foundation for the new
industry arrivals.
4. Experience
Our team and advisers have more experience in the gaming industry and blockchain
technology. We have experts from major gaming industries to handle the large
amount users and transactions. Unlike other e-gaming market places, we are
determined to deliver the securest and safest platforms for gamers and third parties
that they can trust. Our team has connected from all around the world and we make
sure that we reach more regions and countries as much as we can.
5. Online Gaming industry
The Asia pacific is the largest eSports region so far and expected to reach $128.5
Billion revenue by 2020.Mobile gaming market is expected to take over more
than half of the total games market in 2020 (Newzoo). The eSports competitions
considered to become a medal event at the 2022 Asian games in Hanghou, China.
Although, international Olympic Gaming committee is considering eSports gaming
as sanctioned sport for the games. (Business Insider). Even though, it’s a billion-
dollar growing industry, it didn’t cover all the skilled games, eSports and all regions
and countries to participate. The blockchain revolution has opened opportunities to
solve the large users scaling and transaction issues to solve the past gaming industry
2016-2020 Global Games market
Forecast per segment toward 2020
Boxed/Downloaded PC Browser PC Console Tablet Smartphone
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
$101.1 Bn
$108.9 Bn
$115.8 Bn
$122.7 Bn
$128.5 Bn
$38.6 Bn
$46.1 Bn
$52.7 Bn
$59.2 Bn
$64.9 Bn
6. WAGERGAMES: Having the courage
to change The Gaming industry.
On January/7/2018, the total cryptocurrency market cap reached an all-time high of
US$ 795 billion. The future is bright, and we are in the slow-moving period.This is the
opportunity for all of us to learn from our past charts, the investment and to educate
our crypto knowledge.
Cryptocurrencies are entries about tokens (coins) in decentralized consensus-
databases. They are called cryptocurrencies because the consensus-keeping process
is secured by strong cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are built on cryptography. They
are not secured by people or by trust, but by math and software. The probability
of an asteroid falling on your house is higher than that of a WG address being
The three main issues cryptocurrencies solve are:
1. National currency creation is based on debt creation.
Most cryptocurrencies are created through value creation.
2. Banks are the creators of national currency supplies.
Cryptocurrencies are owned and controlled by the communities that use them.
3. Most banks invest their liquidities based on no other value other than
profit maximization. Cryptocurrencies are created to support specific projects.
In our case, WG and focuses on the technologic Future of the Internet.
Despite the cryptocurrency market volatility and uncertainty about regulation, this
trend is not going to go away because of the freedom, free flow of funds and the
The fundamental elements for crypto investment have never been better.
The US government is supporting innovation and only cracking down on the
illegal activities
Russia is planning to launch
the Cryptorouble in 2019
Despite mixed signals, China, India and South Korea
are not “banning crypto”
Blockchain jobs are the second fastest growing market and oer salary
Finally, it’s hard to compare in an equivalent manner as other asset because, it’s a
completely dierent prospective. It’s every individual’s responsibility to update their
knowledge and apply in this free market.
7. Decentralising Gaming Industry
The gaming industry relies on several systems that go through the central authorities.
The blockchain technology have the capability to disrupt these for better or worse.
There are main reasons the blockchain technology is better for gaming industry. First,
secure and flexible transaction options will allow our users to feel protected and
comfortable on our platform. These transactions on our WG platform will be made by
smart contracts and it’s transparent, which enables us to solve fraudulent activities.
The other main reason is the data sharing feature, which increase the transparency
and makes it more secure of the platform eciency. This technology will allow the
user’s data such as Scores, leader-board, achievements, rewards, etc. It will not allow
for manipulation and changing of data.
Every year, the online gaming users increasing rapidly causes problems for the game
developers to maintain gaming performance. If the site infrastructure is not capable
of handling the heavy server workload, the site will delay responses and be more
likely to crash during the download. Similar situations have occurred in the past when
SimCity was launched. This was not the only incident. We believe that kind of incident
will be heavily reduced by blockchain technology.
We expect that the current crypto-currency and esports market boom will begin
a new era in human history. As we have already begun to see, the blockchain
technology is starting to open up new opportunities, and we are still at the beginning
of the blockchain and esports revolution.
8. Challenges and WG actions.
We will face ethical problems similar to traditional sports. We will monitor the
suspicious behaviours, unfair methods, including but not limited to, opening and/or
using multiple accounts, altered hardware or software assisted play, sandbagging,
harassment of the other participants, etc. Any of the reported incidents from our
feedback system will be taken up for further investigation and if they are proved as
guilty, will be banned from our platform. If we collect further evidence or proof, then
they will be taken to the local or applicable jurisdiction and their account will be
locked. We will have a feedback and review system to monitor the player’s suspicious
behaviours. According to the review system, we will have certain levels of restrictions
to enter the games/tournaments to allow them to participate. We will provide a fair
and secure environment to our users. Further details about abusive or suspicious
behaviours and users terms & conditions will be updated to the site, before we launch
our platform.
Our WG platform users and partners transactions, agreements, sales and other
services will be automatically handled by the smart contracts. However, in some
cases, our monetized system will make sure the fair-play results will distribute the
The esports and skilled professional gamers have financial hardship with their job
security, fair compensation and an appropriate infrastructure for long-term careers.
More gamers like to have dierent game options to play for real money, but there are
limited games available to compete with, limited price pools and limited events. To
overcome this, our WG platform will enable a large variety of the investors/sponsors,
and our own game portfolios will allow players to choose their preferred games.
The WG platform is breaking the financial barrier to form the esports team in the
industry, and create an opportunity for more competitions for the esports players and
teams. WG platform provides the opportunity for small to large sponsors, investors,
players, and teams to take a share of the billion dollar industry.
Our WagerGames gaming platform is built on ethereum blockchain technology. We
have created the REAL TIME SPORTS PLAYER’s experience to our platform players,
which they will get direct engagement with their game managers and sponsors. This
platform will ensure real time sports environment for esports and skilled gamers.
9. Our Platform.
This platform will allow the players to choose the games, team to join or form,
challenges, tournaments, managers and game entry fee, etc. According to the
players achievements and skills, they will be on the leader-board and it will allow our
token holders, managers and sponsors to engage with the players and the platform
will make sure privacy is protected from each engagement.
This decentralised platform will ensure each game and event is conducted by fair
play. Payment and transactions will be integrated, and any reported issues will be
investigated and solved fairly.
Our WG platform will serve as a one ecosystem for esports players, team owners,
sponsors, advertisers, esports-entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. This platform is not
only allowed to form the team and play, but is also going to allow the players and
teams challenge themselves in H2H matches for real money. Our platform will be
more of a competitive environment than a mere esports team formation platform,
because, gamers love competitions more than anyone else on this planet.
10. WagerGames Studio
10.1 Developers
The WagerGames studio will develop their own SKILLED/BOARD games and will
focus on a variety of game developments. We will release the games internally and
they will be mobile devices and desktop compatible games such as: P2P golf, snooker,
tennis, bowling, and many more small scale single player games.
Our goal is not only to create entertainment for our players, but also, to create fair
opportunities for the sponsors and advertisers. Therefore, our developers will deliver
user-friendly integrations and features for the WG users.
These games will be available on our games show case and will have the features to
customise the tournament names for the sponsored games.
10.2 Advertisers & Sponsors for WG owned gaming apps.
The WG platform is determined to change the way of advertising for the advertisers
and sponsors. This feature will allow the advertisers and sponsors to customise the
WG-owned game templates, rather than delivering their ads via streaming or pop-up
ads. We believe the advertisers and sponsors will get more conversions than from any
other ad. Advertisers and sponsors will be able to deliver their giveaways, coupon
codes, and vouchers, etc. for the game participant winners. This will encourage more
players, sponsors and advertisers to join in the WG platform.
10.3 Operators
Wager Games owned games will be available for the operators to select and can
publish our games under the private white label policy. We keep this plan as a
long-term plan and we will execute this operation in the future, during the business
development period.
11. Traditional esports teams & owners
Esports enthusiasts/entrepreneur who would like to own an esports team have to face
lots of challenges to own the team. The main challenges are Financial support and
Funding, Sponsorship’s, Management Team, Player Contracts and Public Relations.
Our platform not only allows users to create the team, it also allow the teams/players
to challenge the opponents to play for real money.
11.1 Funding and financial supporting
The WG platform is going to make the funding method so easy for the team owners/
managers. That means the team owners/managers no longer need to rely on limited
sponsorship options. Actually, they can get multiple sponsorship to pay o the team
expenses, and follow the traditional funding method. On WG platform, we enable the
options for the small to large investors to connect with the entrepreneurs.
Every startup will struggle to show their talent without a track record. We totally
understand the struggle of getting the first sponsorship for a team/player. Therefore,
WG platform will allow users play free games, and keep up the records in the team/
player portfolios. We believe, this will be boost to the team/player’s chances of
getting sponsors.
11.2 Management team.
Management teams will be available for hire from our WG platform and the manager’s
statistics will be available for access and hire for your teams.
11.3 Player Contracts
The blockchain technology and our platform eliminates the work load of the paper
work for the players, teams, managers, sponsorship, and owners contract agreements
by using smart contract.
11.4 Public Relations
The public relation headache will be much more reduced by the WG platform to
simplify the process of finding sponsorships, and branding the team. However, social
media and other marketing tools will be available for their own promotional purposes.
12. Traditional esports Teams & Players
Traditional esports teams and players can follow the traditional esports salary system,
and raise funds for the prize pools. Your statistics will be available on our platform
and your team fans/ investors who lives miles away from your location can be
interested, and give financial support.
On the other hand, the traditional teams/players can challenge the opponents for
the H2H challenges with their funds or with the support of the sponsors/fan’s fund.
The available players/teams for the challenges can be filtereed by available date and
challenge amounts.
13. Virtual Teams & players.
Virtually, the esports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who would like to form the esports
team are able to find the esports professionals and enthusiasts on the WG platform.
In addition, they will be able to have similar features as traditional esports teams &
players. The H2H competitions by the WG platform will have more features for virtual
teams and players. However, the traditional esports teams can use these features too.
14. Franchising & Selling Team
You can build the team or own the player(s), and franchise your team/player(s) to
another owner for the season or you can sell your team to others. The teams and
players’ value will be evaluated by their performance monthly/yearly, and the value of
the team/player(s).
15. WagerGames Players/Teams
Our WG platform players/teams will be valued by the esports experts and analysers. The
evaluation will be updated every month and listed on the Leader board. The process for
the evaluations will be based on historic cost, replacement cost, market based cost, and
some other performance factors that will be considered during the valuations.
16. Our game plan
The gaming system will allow players to compete with other players by manual
selections. the players willing to challenge manually with available online players or
invitations can be sent along with setting the date and time for the challenge. The
competitions will be played for real money by using the WagerGames Token(WGT).
Each user will have their own privacy settings to allow other parties to contact or
join the team. In addition, the game managers will also be involved with the games,
tournaments and competitor selections. The sponsors will be able to access the
selection criteria as well.
Each individual/team event and managers/brands/sponsored involved event
transaction will be calculated automatically and reviewed by fair-play and smart
contract agreement and the winning share will be distributed to their accounts. Our
WagerGames system will monetize the games and tournaments to make sure the fair
play results.
Customising gaming tournaments and teams will allow advertisers/brands to target
the local audience. This will be a good catch for the promoters and we will have some
other additional features to have direct contact with the winners and sponsored
players. All of the agreements and transactions will be signed by smart contracts and
on some exceptional occasions, WG feedback/monetize team will monitor the events
or the tournaments.
16.1 Sponsors
The sponsors can be anyone who owned WGT. They don’t need to be a brand or
advertiser. They can hire the players and play for them and share the profit from the
players earnings. On the other hand, they can create/customize the tournaments and
can sponsor the Free/Token entry tournaments.
16.2 Advertisers
The advertisers will be able to host their own tournaments and will be able to use
their brand or product or service name on the game templates. Self-integration tools
and support will be available for our own developed games. This advertising method
is a cost eective and more ecient way to promote the brand over the TV and CPM
ads. As the second option for the esports tournaments and challenges, tournament
names can be created from the product or service names.
16.3 Branding Partners
Branding partners will sponsor gaming equipment from game stores and the players
will use their logos on the equipment and their profile portfolios. The sponsored
players or teams will be able to sign the agreements through the smart contracts.
The agreements can be able to arrange for products to show it through the players’
streaming videos or to use it in the player’s profile page. More features will be
discussed on the contract agreements.
16.4 Managers
Managers will be a strategist for the gamers to give advice and choose the games/
players for the competitions. Players and managers will have contracts and profit share
agreements. Mangers will be able to have more than one client and career development
opportunity. Their rank also will be available on the portfolios to select by players/
sponsors/ brand partners. They will have the real-time gaming experience as well.
16.5 Token holders
The WG token holders will have the same features as sponsors on our platform.
They are more likely to own the esports teams, give funds to the entrepreneurs and
the players, and organise the tournaments, etc. Our WG token holders will be able
to hire the managers or connect with the entrepreneurs on our platform by user
friendly searching and filtering options. Once the investors hire the managers, the
managers will do the rest to form the team or hire the players , etc. WG token holders
will have an option to keep the teams/players for single H2H matches /season/ long
term contract basis, and profit sharing options will be available as well. In addition,
the holders of WG token can connect with the esports entrepreneurs who have a
passion in the industry to own the teams/clubs. There wouldn’t be any paper work
or major legal costs or time consumption. Everything is in our WG platform, and the
agreements will be finalised by smart contracts.
16.6 Viewers and Streamers
There is a new trend becoming popular in the eSports gaming industry by viewers. In
2017, the number of eSports gaming viewers were 143 million and expected to reach
250million by 2021. Viewers are only focused on the eSports main events, which
are organised at regional and global levels. In 2013 worldwide, 1.3 billion hours were
spent to watch eSports video streaming and expected to reach 6.6 billion hours by
2018 (statista). Around 57% eSports viewers come from China and at least 6 million
viewers are university students. In this industry, streamers earn up to $100,000 based
on their livestream broadcast alone, but, the current best streamers make $300,000
or more per annum(Forbes). The popular streamers make their income by YouTube,
livestreaming and guest appearances, or sponsorships. Nowadays, twitch and
Ustream allows one-man broadcasting shows and streamers to make a living from
17. Overview
Most of the online gamers stay away from the real money games because of the trust
issues with the gaming providers. Insucient information about the game providers
and fraudulent activities and mismanagement incidents from the online gaming
history makes more gamers not trust online, real money games. The gamers never
know if the online games are monitored and whether players are treated fairly and
with integrity. There are vulnerabilities in the centralised, real money transitioned
The blockchain technology based WGT platform eliminates all the security, trust,
identity and fairness issues. The WGT platform-based game developments are fair,
transparent and can be publicly monitored. WagerGames ensures that our players
and users privacy will be protected from our system.
The esports and skilled gamers needed to wait for the regional or world events to
compete for real money. The other esports games don’t attract all the gamers and
have more restrictions. The indoor table games and small scale multiplayer games are
out of their league from the real money competition. We target all varieties of games
and allow real-time entertainment to the players.
18. Technical information
WagerGames uses DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) such as blockchain to (a)
establish a transparency and fairness of opportunities along the users of Wager (b) provide
a smart advertising service based on tokenizing privacy and data management via hashing.
This will enable the trust, secure and fair play environment in our platform. Inside
our user base, there will be dierent parties involved such as managers, advertisers,
sponsors, etc. They will be able to sign the agreements via smart contracts. During our
final development process, we will update the other smart contract details as well. Our
blockchain infrastructure is built on Ethereum ERC-20 standard. We will integrate the game
engines (Unity, Unreal, etc) and blockchain technology by using our SDK. Further technical
information, we will release in our technical whitepaper.
ERC-721 tokens can be used to provide a premium user access. ERC-721 can provide
crypto collectibles to the users, therefore user status can be upgraded by hodling a crypto
collectible (eg: A trophy or a game skins).
ERC-900 tokens provide a staking interface which brings a staking system for the WG
platform. Therefore, the user can stake WG to (a) generate more WG to attract popularity
on the platform (b) paying a premium access to the platform.
19. Our revenue model
The revenue model is based on multiple streams. Our WGT income stream is focused
on players/managers commission, brands and advertisers and white-label operators.
Our WGT expert team will work hard towards that goal of reaching our target in
each phase. Bringing more games, esports entrepreneurs, players, and sponsors, will
increase our user base and it will increase our token usage.
Our WGT gaming platform creates the opportunity for sustainable long-term income
for esports players and opens the opportunity for sports related careers. Unlike the
other gaming providers, in the WGT system, we provide additional options for the
sponsors (WGT users/holders) to support the skilled players and share the winner’s
profits, creating a Win/Win situation. That model will encourage more players to join
and grow the WGT community and enable us to grow even more. Advertisers, players
and sponsors have an option to create their own league with their own league names.
It will enable more sponsors and advertisers to grow their marketing. We are working
on the broadcasting/live streaming services to enhance our service and revenue via
media rights sales.
20. Long Term Vision
Our Long-term vision is to allow the players to participate in their favourite
competitions and tournaments, without any financial barriers. Also, our advertisers
and sponsors will have their successful campaigns by targeting specific group/
regions/countries, flexible options for players to join or create teams, arrange
managers and find sponsors. We want to make sure that our players/managers have
a stable income. Our WG viewers also wanted to have the winning share from their
supported Teams/players. These features will be applicable after we introduce the
paid/premium viewing subscribers options. Our additional features and upgrades will
be updated in our road map and our users will be notified.
21. Other token sales
in the gaming & esports industry
WagerGames Enjincoin Chimaera Dreamteam Gamecredits
Connecting esports
& gaming industry
networking and
blockchain platform
created for
the Gaming
Ecosystem for
game developers
and gamers.
Esports Talent
Networking &
for gaming
Token Sale: Aim: $30m
Oct, 2017
Aim: $45m
Q2, 2018
Aim: $45m
May, 2017
Game Development
Virtual Games/
Traditional Games/
Audience access to
gamer’s funding
Online H2H competition
for real money
Sponsors revenue share
Players/Team valuation
Casual Hiring
Profit sharing
Fund raising
Game tools trading
Skilled/Board games
22. WagerGames token usage/utility
Users will access our WagerGames Tokens (WGT) on our platform. WGT can be used
to access the additional features and services on our platforms. All the transactions
and exchanges will be used by our WGT. The token application is created from
Ethereum ERC20 standard.
The sponsors, advertisers, platform users and players will use the WGT. The more
sponsors and gamers/teams that join our platform will increase the use of WGT and
this will increase the value of the token.
These are the main transaction activities on our WG platform:
Account creation/transaction
Gaming assets purchases
Operators transactions
Game transactions
branding partners transactions.
Media right sales
Tournaments and Game prize payouts.
23. Coin distribution
(Total Supply 1,000,000,000)
Token sale
Company reserve
(Locked for 6 months)
Team and Advisors
User base Reserve & Bonuses
24. Fund Allocation
WGT raised fund through ICO will be allocated for:
45% to game development and operations.
This will include, direct funding to the game and
platform development for our gaming portfolio
and hire more developers to fasten the project.
30% to Advertising and Marketing
This fund will be used to bring more
players, operators and developers
to access our gaming platform.
15% to Team
and Advisors
5% to Legal.
We make sure our system
complies with the regulations
and not limited to the regions
and countries that we willing
to work with.
5% to Security, infrastructure and
DDOS protection.
We don’t want to give you excuses like
other crypto scamers for the system
attacks or system failures. We try hard
to protect our users, partners and
investors from any bad incidents.
25. Token Sale Information.
Token Ticker WGT WGT
Total Token Supply 1000000000
Pre-Sale 0.03¢ 70,000,000 WGT + 35% Bonus 1USD= 45WGT (including bonus)
Pre-ICO 0.04¢ 80,000,000 WGT + 25% Bonus 1USD= 31WGT (including bonus)
Phase1-ICO 0.05¢ 157,000,000 WGT +10% Bonus 1USD = 22WGT (including bonus)
Phase2-ICO 0.06¢ 157,000,000 WGT 1USD= 17WGT
Phase3-ICO 0.0 135,000,000 WGT 1USD= 14WGT
Currencies Accepted BTC, ETH
SoftCAP 5,000,000USD (including Pre-sale)
HardCAP 30,000,000USD
26. Road Map
•Wager Games (WG) Concept studied
•Market & Competitors research
•Protocol designed
•Team formation
•White paper completed
•Marketing campaign
•Private sale & ICO Preparations
•Start the creation of WG community
•Platform development begins
•Pre ICO sale
•Team Expansion
•WGT submission on Exchanges
•WG Game development begins
•Players & Teams ranking portfolio
•Beta version release
•Platform launch on test net
•Additional career option (Personal
trainers, mentors, etc.) adoptions
•Esports experts & analysers
•Tournaments & H2H on test net
•Platform-launch on main net
•WGT integration for real money
•Sponsors Integration for hire
players/teams & games.
•Advertisers API integration
•Players/Teams Auction features
•Localization in additional
•Target market entry to Europe,
Middle East, China, Japan, Russia
and North & South America.
•WG Game release on test net.
•WG Games portfolio update
27. Team
The team is connected with broad range of experience, skills and knowledge from all
Kajen AM - Founder & CEO
Kajen is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and visionary armed with extensive e-sports
and blockchain technology expertise. Above all, he is a sought-after specialist in the
concept creation space for real-world applications. Over the years, he has garnered
firsthand experience in multiple areas, including but not limited to online gaming,
cryptocurrency, management, customer service, Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, and
Both passionate and determined, Kajen is on a lifelong mission to diversify and
optimize the big gaming market industry, to ensure gamers receive various benefits,
and ultimately to turn gamers’ dreams into reality.
Currently, Kajen is involved with various blockchain projects. Prior to that, he held the
leadership positions of Project Manager and Business Analyst. Furthermore, he holds
Bachelor’s degree in Technology and a Diploma in Software Engineering.
Carlos R – CTO
Expert in Blockchain technology, Fintech, creation of Blockchain protocol, mobile
and desktop decentralized applications, cyber-security researcher, expert in Digital
Identity and corporate software, as well as software development.
European Blockchain Solutions is a company specialised on oering peer-to-peer
solutions focused on scalability and client needs. European Blockchain Solutions
oers services for small-medium businesses that want to increase their cash flow with
a focus on cybersecurity and transparency using distributed ledgers.
He collaborates in more that 10 Fintech companies including AI, IoT and Blockchain
technology as consultant, developer or software architect. Mr. Roldan has a wide
background in peer-to-peer protocols with a great combination of flexibility,
eciency and dynamic service integration, which makes him a Blockchain intellectual.
Amos S – Head of Sponsorships
Amos has a natural inclination for excellence and a reputation for being extremely
detail oriented, huge fan of cryptocurrency landscape and understand basics of
Blockchain. Leadership of a number of sales and corporate development functions
within major global organizations. Highly entrepreneurial and passionate about
new routes to market. Track record of success building teams to focus on new
propositions, Strategic and commercial thinker with experience of leading and driving
teams to deliver against corporate goals in markets. A strategic thinker who sets high
personal standards and leads teams to deliver shared results.
Gleb A -Head of Partnerships
Dedicated gamer-enthusiast for over 30 years, first marketing director of Natus
Vincere - one of the best e-sports team of the world, game designer and artist.
Award-winning professional within Game industry: over 10 years of international
marketing management, game design etc. in a wide range of industries, including
video games, e-sports with a focus on marketing, sales, crisis management and new
business units development.
Klio P - Creative Artist
Klio is a creative spirit who loves games. She was lucky enough to travel and
experience new things from an early age and hasn’t stopped since. She started
drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil and expanded those skills whenever she
could. She admires all forms of art and draws inspiration from everything around her.
She now focuses on creating art for video games to entertain and educate players
and show the world the power of video games.
28. Advisors
Our advisors are from Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technologyand esports gaming
background. They all are located in dierent geographical locations in world, and
have very successful stories working with multi-million dollar companies. Wager
Games will use their experience and expertise to deliver the full robust platform to
our users.
Jared Polites – ICO Advisor
Arnoud W. Berghuis – Blockchain Advisor
Monica Rodriguez - Legal Advisor
Chris Wozniak - ICO Advisor
Customer due diligence (CDD) is central to an eective anti-money laundering and
counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regime. Reporting entities need to identify
and verify each of our customers so we can determine the money laundering and
terrorism financing risk posed by each customer, decide whether to proceed with
a business relationship or transaction, and assess the level of future monitoring
required. WG users and ICO participants need to complete their KYC/AML process to
participate in our WG ICO.
30. Disclaimer
The distribution of this document may be restricted in certain jurisdictions (each, a “Restricted
Jurisdiction”), and residents in such Restricted Jurisdictions where participation would require
additional prospectus, registration, or measures should seek professional advice in their respective
Restricted Jurisdictions. This document may consequently not be distributed in or to Restricted
Jurisdictions, or countries where distribution of the document may be illegal. Recipients of this
document are required to inform themselves about, and comply with, such restrictions or illegality.
Any failure to comply with the restrictions may result in violation of applicable security regulations.
WagerGames takes no responsibility for failure to comply with applicable local securities laws and
regulations. This document (and any other document or material issued in connection with the crowd-
sale of WGT Tokens) is not a prospectus as defined in the Securities and Futures Act (Regulated
by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 (Corporations Act 2001)) , and
accordingly, has not been registered as a prospectus with the Australian Securities and Investments
Commission (ASIC). WGT do not fall under the classification of a security nor a collective investment
scheme under the Securities and Futures Act. Furthermore, this document is not a Prospectus or
Product Disclosure Statement as defined in the Corporations Act 2001, Australia. WGT do not fall under
either the classification of a Security or comply with the Managed Investment Scheme(MIS) under
the Corporations Act 2001, Australia. This document and any other document or material issued in
connection with the crowd-sale of the WG Tokens are solely for the confidential use of those specific
persons to whom it is made available, and may not be reproduced, provided to others, or used for any
other purpose without the prior written permission from Wager Games. Each potential purchaser, by
accepting delivery of, or accessing and reading this document, agrees not to make a photocopy or
other copy or to divulge the contents hereof to any other person. Citizens and residents of the United
States of America are excluded from participating in this crowd-sale of WGT Tokens
Risk Factors
In considering participation in this crowdsale of WG Tokens, a prospective purchaser
should be aware of certain risk factors. This section sets out several of such risk factors
(“Risk Factors”). It should be noted that such Risk Factors do not have the purport to
be comprehensive or exhaustive, and prospective purchasers of the WG Tokens should
consider seeking independent professional advice prior to participating in the crowd-
sale. ASIC’s MoneySmart website has also published guidance for investors on the risks
of investing in initial coin oerings.
Nature of WG Token
The WG Token is neither a share nor a debenture. Purchasers of WG Tokens do not
acquire any equity or security interest, in, or a debt owed by a corporate entity, and do
not enjoy the rights normally associated with such securities.
Liquidity and Tax Risk
WG Tokens may not be freely convertible into fiat currency, and may be subject to
fluctuations in value. The value of the WG Tokens may decline substantially after
purchase. Purchasers of the WG Tokens may not be able to sell or otherwise dispose of
their WG Tokens. Purchasers of the WGT Tokens that have gains from onwards sale of WG
Tokens may be subject to tax in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled or residing.
Legal Risk
Residents of certain jurisdictions may not be permitted to participate in the sale and
purchase of crypto-currencies or digital tokens, and such participation may be illegal
in such jurisdictions. New or revised legislation, regulations, guidelines and directives
may be introduced in the jurisdiction of the purchasers of the WG Tokens or which may
aect the WGT Marketplace or other platforms in which the WG Tokens are used.
Regulatory Risk
It is possible that regulators from the jurisdictions in which a purchaser of WGT Tokens
resides may, after the sale and purchase of the WG Tokens, conduct investigations and
take regulatory action in respect of such sale and purchase, or prohibit the secondary
sale and purchase of the WGT Tokens.
This whitepaper is prepared to comply with the ASIC regulations, under RG 228
Prospectuses: Eective disclosure for retail investors guidance.
Wager Games